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Retainer Packages

10 Hour Bundle

350 per month
  • 10 Hour Monthly Bundle that works out at €35 per hour

15 Hour Bundle

450 per month
  • 15 Hour Monthly Bundle that works out at €30 per hour

20 Hour Bundle

500 per month
  • 20 Hour Monthly Bundle that works out at €25 per hour

Google Search Console

Web on Speed will setup and configure your website for the Google Search Console tool, check for issues with your website and offer guidance on how this can be improved.

Google Search Console is an invaluable service provided by Google that gives you a huge array of information regarding your website search rankings. This includes keywords, impressions, website issues and much more.

  • Performance
    • Total Clicks from Google Search
    • Total Impressions on Google Search
  • URL Inspection
    • This allows you to see if certain pages have been indexed on Google and if there are any issues with the page
  • Coverage
    • Check if there are any issues with pages on your website
    • Get details of issues if any
  • Sitemaps
    • Sitemaps are used to tell Google of pages that exist on your website.  This allows Google to index these pages and index them on their search engines
  • Mobile Usability
    • Google value responsiveness of websites very highly and this will give you information of issues that you may have with pages viewed on mobile devices
  • Links
    • External links – see how many links exist to your website from external websites
    • Internal links – see how many internal links you have going to each page of your website
    • Top linking sites – see which sites have most links to your website
Google Search Console
Bing Webmaster

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing is often a forgotten search engine service and a lot of websites do not bother with this.  What people do not realise is that on Windows computers and laptops Bing is set as the default search engine for their Edge browsers.

Web on Speed will register and setup keywords and other SEO data for Bing.  Not only does Bing bring decent results for clients, they can also provide additional information of any issues that you may have with your website

Website Keywords and SEO Data

Web on Speed will check the SEO data on all pages of your website and tweak these to help Search Engines rank your website.

This includes Page Titles, descriptions, and other important Meta Tags that search engines look for when scanning your website with their robots.  We also implement Social Media Tags that help to improve visual and descriptive information whenever your website links are shared on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms.

SEO Data
Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Tracking users on your website is so important that it is crazy not to have Google Analytics integrated onto your website. Learn user behaviour, actions referrals and much more.

See what pages are doing well, which are not doing so well.  Which products people are more interested in and a lot of other information that will help your website performances and possible conversions to sales.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your website to Social Media platforms to increase your reputation earnings.  We include the following basic Social Media Integrations for your website

  • Facebook API Integration
    • Live Messenger on Website
    • Facebook Feed
    • Other Required Integrations
  • Twitter API Integration
    • Twitter Tweet Feed on Website
    • Twitter Tweet Page
  • Plus many more
Social Media Integration


Our Start-Up Packages provide you with the complete online services to get your business up and running.  You will get the following:

  • Logo Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Email Setup
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Management
  • Social Media Integration

If you have any questions regarding our Business Start-Up Packages then please send us a message and we will be happy to help.

Not all websites are the same, sometimes we need a standard holding page just to give limited information to clients and other times we need a fully fledged online store to cater for our needs.  


HTML sites do not have any functionality except for a contact form.  If you need to make any changes to your website then you would need to be sufficient with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  If needed we can make these changes for you at a small cost.


If you plan to make many changes to your website or keep a blog then WordPress is the way to go.  It is a powerful Content Management System.  Depending on the use case we provide all our clients a fully licensed copy of DIVI or Elementor which allows you to easily change any aspect of your website.  

We also provide you with training on how to make changes, SEO best practices and optimisation so you can keep your website running smoothly.


We use WooCommerce which is a very powerful plugin extension for WordPress that allows you to run online stores with ease.  We integrate your required payment gateways, and provide you with advanced SEO for up to 100 products included with the price.  Each additional product will be charged at €4 per product (discounts for large volumes available)

All our shared hosting plans come with secure email hosting that are setup with DKIM and SPF records as standard which increases the deliverability of emails to your recipients.  Easily access your emails from the Web on Speed webmail service or setup your own email clients to view and send emails.

Even though your website data is publicly accessible, private data like emails are secured. Web on Speed takes security very seriously and monitors all our servers 24/7 including daily backups to a secured remote server with a 7 day backup cycle, which means all your data is safe whilst complying with GDPR policies.

Web on Speed are very strong believers of the GDPR policies and strictly adhere to these policies. You can find our privacy policy here.

You can find more information regarding GDPR polices here.

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